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About Bayman

I need help finding free dental care. I am disabled and cannot afford dental care but my teeth are causing me a lot of pain.


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About louve

My housemate is disabled and deaf. She has medicare and SSD, so her income is seriously limited. We live in Union Cty., TN and she has need of dental work, but so far we have not been able to find a local dentist who does sliding-scale or pro bono dental work. I too am disabled, so I am not able to help her financially. Does anyone know of a local dentist who can help her or work with us to pay for her needed dental work over time? Thanks in advance!

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About hummdm

I'm looking for a denturist that charges a reasonable amount.  I live in tri-cities area and am willing to drive out of town if I can get a good deal.  I need upper dentures.  I am getting desperate as one of my teeth is painful.  Please help  ---  anything under $1,000 or less   -- thanks

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About stillhope

Your aid page is very helpful. I, too, am a single disabled mom with three good kidsMy oldest Benjamin is 20, Marissa is 13, and Matthew 11 yrs.  Its been hard over the years and sometimes resource to help seem nonexistant but its really heartwarming to know there are good souls like you who offer real help and have been there. The reason I came across your site was to find a way to get my car fixed so I can go to school. I live in Palmdale, Ca and theres no resources out here so Im hoping some of the resources reach me in California. I need low cost auto repair to move forward again. Thanks from a grateful mom
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About Scrabble

Although I am anintellegent person, scolarly - wise, I have made bad choices in life. I have a verbally abusive, contolling, addict husband who contols ALL the finances. It has gotten so bad that I let alcoholism get the best of me, which resulted in job loss and arrests. My son has been taken away from me, and i wll be diviorcing soon. I have no vehicle, no job, and no finances. The good thing, though, is I voluntarily put myself in a 4 month rehabilitation program for alcoholism. I have one month to go. The Salvation Army is helping me get a job, a place to live, and  - the best part - all the support I need to get my son. They will also help me stay sober and be supportive for as long as I need them.

 My probelm is a vehicle. My husband got rid of mine, as his name was on it to do so. We WILL be divorcing, as he is toxic to me, and my son. I have no vehicle to get a job, and where I will be living has minimal means of outside transportation. I need help with transportation desperetly to be able to obtain a job. Please help.

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About Mishy

Does anyone know of a LEGIT, SCAM FREE, LOW COST, FAST, EASY way to make money NOW off the internet. I'm pretty knowledgeable of ALL the HB biz out there and haven't found one that works yet. All I need right now is about $500 extra a month to make it.

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About Brigida

I am looking for low cost dental care in Northern California for someone who is a recovering Meth user. He's turned his life around and is in urgent need of dental care.
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Low Cost Dental and Medical Benefits

Do You Need Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription and/or Chiropractic?

We have 4 Plans that Cover the ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD that range from ONLY $19.95 to $59.95 per Month, that ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD inludes anyone living with you, even Friends and Relatives! Here are our 4 Plans we provide...

*Dental Plus

*Basic Health

*Total Health

*Total Health Plus

Go or contact me via email at or at my home office 570-731-4908

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Computers for kids - free/low cost computers

Computers 4 Kids is an organization which may provide computers to low income families with kids who cannot afford or do not have a computer. Located throughout the US in various communities, some organizations will provide education and training. You MUST check with the actual organization to verify what exactly they provide and to whom. As with any organization, they you must qualify according to their guidelines - various rules do apply. Unfortunately, Computers 4 Kids is not a national organization, rather a community sponsored organization. Therefore, the organization does NOT have a national database and each office has to be located individually. Some use the C4K name, others do not. All time, services, labor, and computers are donated by their respective community.

Get a home computer for under $200!

Adaptive Computer Empowerment Services
[California] To improve the quality of life for persons in San Diego County who are disabled by empowering them with computer technology.
Adaptive Mobility, Inc.
[Indiana] Works with clients to determine specific mobility needs and to find resources to meet those needs, including a broad range of items such as wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, vehicle adaptive equipment and van modifications. Serves Indiana and Kentucky.
(800) 969-1154

Alachua Free-Net Computer Recycling Program
[Florida] Requests for computers are considered on a case-by-case basis by the AFN Computer Recycling Program volunteers. Some of the areas used for determination are as follows: Priority is given to local community organizations, schools, and non-profit organizations. Individuals with disabilities or hardships where it is demonstrated that the computer would enhance the person’s life. The criteria for deciding where the computers are distributed has been kept deliberately informal, as the particular type of equipment that we have, and the requests vary significantly. This has not posed a problem in the past and we hope it will continue to work in the same way

All Free ISP
Database of free and low-cost Internet Service Providers in the US and Canada.

Castaway Computers, Inc.
[Wisconsin] We accept donated computer equipment and software from companies, refurbish the equipment, load available software, and upgrade the equipment. Castaway donates the computers to individuals, families, schools, charities, and agencies including religious, scouting, genealogical, historical, and other nonprofit entities. (414) 221-3442

Computers for Families (CFF)
[Virginia] Computers for Families is a not for profit organization founded to place computer systems with and provide computer information access to individuals who can not afford a computer system. Currently we are only able to help families in the SW Virginia localities. 540-745-6340

Computers for Homebound and Isolated Persons
[Tennessee] CHIPS is a non-profit project aimed at reducing the social isolation of persons who are homebound, by providing a computer and free Internet access through KORRnet, who manages the project. The primary participants in this project are persons who are elderly, or caregivers, although some recipients are also disabled and homebound.

[South Dakota] DakotaLink is a statewide program of resources and supports that enable individuals in South Dakota greater access to assistive technology devices and services, to maintain independence, to explore funding options, and to become educated about assistive technology issues. Call 1-800-645-0673 (V/TDD)

First Chance Project
First Chance will locate used computer equipment and transfer it to rural women who do not have computers in their own home. Telephone: 720 855 0501

Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (FAAST)
[Florida] FAAST envisions a seamless supportive partnership between Florida business and government to provide assistive technology products and services which will enable persons with disabilities to participate in independent living, education, work and recreation from birth to death. 1-888-788-9216


I have used this site personally and they were a TREMENDOUS HELP!!! When I couldn’t figure out the problem. They were there to guide me, step by step, to completely clean my computer. Free downloads and EXPERT advice!

 Free Computers
[Michigan] We place computers in homes (in low-income Grand Rapids neighborhoods) that could not otherwise afford one. To qualify for a computer, you must complete ten (10) hours of service to your community

[Oregon] FREE GEEK is a 501(c)(3) not for profit community organization that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need in exchange for community service.

 Free Online Virus Scan
internet program scans your computer for viruses. often more updated than software you purchase and/or update regularly.

 Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)
[Georgia] Provides medical equipment to disabled people in the metro Atlanta area who could not otherwise afford it.

People with severe physical disabilities struggle greatly with things most of us take for granted. Without help, many cannot write a letter, make a phone call, buy something from a store, or hold down a job. In very severe cases, even basic communication is impossible in any but the most laborious of ways. The computer (and, through it, the Internet) solves many of these problems and opens up whole new worlds to the severely physically disabled. Imagine the feeling of self-reliance that comes from needing something and ordering it over the Internet. Imagine the self-esteem one can gain from entering an Internet chat room and being thought of and treated as a 'regular' person, not someone with a severe disability. This computer-aided autonomy is impossible without an input device designed for the disabled. However, for many people, the cost of such a device excludes them from this new world of opportunities offered by the computer and Internet. GiveTech plans to solve this problem for many financially disadvantaged people with severe physical disabilities. 415.750.2576

Head and Heart Foundation of Dallas and Fort Worth
[Texas] The Head and Heart Foundation of Dallas and Fort Worth Provides: Computer Hardware; Technical Assistance; and Information to the physically disabled in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

 Illinois Assistive Technology Program
[Illinois] Illinois Assistive Technology Program (IATP) is a not-for-profit agency that promotes the availability of assistive technology (AT) services and programs for people with disabilities. 217-522-7985 voice 217-522-9966 tty

mobility motoring
The Ford Mobility Motoring Program provides up to $1,000 financial assistance toward the exact cost of adding adaptive equipment to a new 2002, 2003 or 2004* Ford, Lincoln or Mercury car, van or light truck, and up to $200 on alerting devices for hearing impairments, lumbar seats and running boards.

 Mobility Project
The Mobility Project exists to serve disabled people living in poverty throughout the developing nations of the world: by personally delivering refurbished mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other medical equipment to the disabled in need. By adjusting each mobility aid given to fit the individual who receives it. By providing sports programs for the disabled, to help them achieve greater confidence and health as well as ability with their mobility equipment. By building wheelchair refurbishing and manufacturing facilities in some of the countries where we work, to provide vocational training for local people with disabilities, as well as an ongoing source for repairs to mobility aids to other disabled people in the area.

 Mobility Unlimited
Mobility Unlimited serves as the 'last resort' by financially assisting physically disabled adults who have exhausted all other financial resources available to them (including private health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid) and are still unable to meet their mobility needs. Mobility Unlimited strives to improve the individual's quality of life by giving the individual a 'hand up' by helping the individual help himself or herself to remove the obstacle, obtain the equipment or receive the treatment he or she needs to improve the quality of his or her life. Our focus is on providing equipment that will enable the individual to pursue or maintain employment. Mobility Unlimited also serves as an advocate on behalf of physically disabled adults who may need some help communicating with their insurance company in order to obtain the mobility equipment they need to be productive members of their community. Phone 877.516.0605

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP)
[New Mexico] The New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP) offers free services to New Mexicans with disabilities to help them get the assistive technology (AT)services they need. NMTAP's toll-free number is: (800) 866-2253

Resume's, Computer repairs, Computer Support.
This is a personal site, however it is the best way to reach me if the need is there. If you live in the area I can repair your computer, If you need free tech support I can do that. If you need a Resume written I can also do that. I can also help repair documents for you. This would be in my spare time. But I would be glad to assist those with the need. Just email me or call.

 Santa Barbara Computers for Families
[California] The Computers for Families project is providing computers, Internet access and training for Santa BarbaraCounty students whose families cannot afford to purchase them. We believe that access to technology at home is critical to building the skills essential for success in the 21st century. (805)964-4711 x5400

Southern Arizona's Computer Bank
[Arizona] SACB is a community-based, non-profit 501(c)(3), charitable and educational organization, that helps those who are less fortunate. We acquire, upgrade and donate computers, and printers to under-privileged students K-12, who live in Southern Arizona.


 Technology Assisting People In Need
[Ohio] TAPIN focuses on serving individuals who are economically disadvantaged or disabled, and who could benefit by owning a computer, and the agencies which serve them.


The Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) [Pennsylvania] A nonprofit organization that helps provide financing opportunities to individuals with disabilities and elder Pennsylvanians for the purchase of assistive technology devices and services.

 Tools for Life
[Georgia] Tools for Life can give you and your family more options for greater freedom in your lives. Tools for Life increases access to appropriate assistive technology devices and assistive technology services for all Georgians with disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play independently in communities of their choice. Voice: 1-800-497-8665

Utah Assistive Technology Foundation
[Utah] The Utah Assistive Technology Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that works with Zions Bank of Utah to provide zero and low-interest loans to purchase assistive technology. The UATF also offers some small grants ($250 or less) on a limited basis through non-federal funding to families who meet federal poverty guidelines. 1-800-524-5152

Washington Assistive Technology Alliance
[Washington] The Washington Assistive Technology Alliance (WATA) is a consumer advocacy network that helps disabled individuals with Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services used to maintain or improve functional capabilities. Many high-tech and low-tech devices are now available to assist people with disabilities with daily living tasks, communication, education, work, and recreation. Examples are: wheelchairs, Velcro, adapted clothing and toys, computers, seating systems, powered mobility, augmentative communication devices, special switches, assisted listening devices, visual aids, memory prosthetics, and thousands of other commercially available or adapted items. Services also include functional evaluations, training on or demonstration of devices, and purchasing or leasing devices. Their number is800-214-8731.

Washington Assistive Technology Foundation (WATF)
[Washington] The Washington Assistive Technology Foundation (WATF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to, and controlled by, people with disabilities. Our first project is a low interest loan fund (the "Access Fund") established to provide Washington state residents with disabilities affordable credit for purchases of assistive technology (AT) and home and vehicle accessibility modifications. (206) 826-1038

Wheelchair Foundation
The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading an international effort to deliver a wheelchair to every man, woman and child in the world who needs one. For those individuals, the Wheelchair Foundation offers freedom, self-reliance, mobility and hope.

 Wheelchair Ramp Project  (no website available)
[Washington] Wheelchair users living in Snohomish County or their advocates may call the disAbility Resource Center at (425) 347-5768 to apply for a ramp. Priority will be given to individuals in rehab facilities, minorities and those in rural areas.

Disability Resource Connection                                                           607 Southeast Everett Mall Way                                              Suite 6C, Everett, WA98208
(425) 347-5768


WisLoan Program
Open to Wisconsin residents of all ages who have a disability and who want to buy assistive technology. The program has no income requirements, and does not require individuals to exhaust personal or public funding. Under the program, banks provide loans at prime- plus- two percent to qualified borrowers. Loan amounts depend on the item purchased and the ability to repay the loan.


Rochester, NY- Free and Low-cost Refurbished Computers Available Now Through Micrecycle:

 Computers for Education Back-To-School Promotion
Location: Micrecycle, 98 College Ave., Rochester, NY14607
Media Contact: Debra Jacobson (585) 697-1944 •

Computers will be available for pick-up a week or two after applications are processed. For more information about the program or to request an application, call Alex Johnson at RMSC/Science Linkages, (585)256-3170.


Computers for Children (no website available)
2550 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10-6 pm


Refurbished computers from $79!

loaded with Windows OS and antivirus
Package includes:
Tower, Keyboard, Mouse, Screen, Disk drive, speakers.

*****Some Printers Available - starting @ $20****

Custom built computers - for only $469!
Windows XP
80Gb HD
512 ram
Celeron Processor

All systems are internet ready. Computers for Kids takes in computers from individuals, businesses & organizations & refurbish (upgrade), then the  computers are donated to area schools. Computer &  cash donations accepted. Volunteer opportunities.  Also provide training to youth in computer  refurbishment skills and software training.

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